• Picture Wall : PHOTO /// 1 ///

On the way to work I found the picture wall.
There is the police station in Kurashiki. Now it is under renovation. So there is a tall wall for construction.

Generally, a wall for construction is just a wall. But this wall is so nice. Pictures are painted. These were drawn by children in preschool. This is a good idea.

I felt as if I found a little happiness outside of passenger window.



My favorite restaurant is Ristorante MINORIZUKI. It is in Kurashiki. It takes about 10 minutes from Kurashiki Station by car.

I went to eat lunch with my husband and friend. Pasta I had wanted to eat was Pasta WATARIGANI. What a wonderful Pasta! It was Pasta in a rich and special sauce made by Chef.

You can eat Pasta WATARIGANI at Ristorante MINORIUKI until the end of December 2011.

Ristorante 収穫月 のスペシャルパスタ「渡り蟹のパスタ」


    • Chang Thai : PHOTO /// 1 ///
    • Chang Thai : PHOTO /// 2 ///

Chang Thai is a Thai Restaurant near JR Station Kurashiki. I love it. Dishes cooked by Chef from Thailand are so delicious ! Do you like spicy or mild ? You can arrange hot taste by yourself. Do you need English menu ? Of course, you can find it there.

Please look at the website of Chang Thai about details.

Google Maps : Chang Thai

  • NATTO UDON : PHOTO /// 1 ///

As you know, Sanuki Udon is very popular. Sanuki means Kagawa-prefecture. Udon of Okayama is also delicious. People of Okayama often have Udon.

I have Udon for lunch once or twice a week. My favorite Udon restaurant is "TAKATO UDON". Today's Udon is "Natto Udon". The balance between Natto and Dashi is very good. Of course, softness of white wheat noodle is best.

Google Maps : NATTO UDON

In Japan, I am often confused when we talk with somebody in English. Do you need title "san" such as "Mary-san" when we call somebody's name? It means "Mr. and Ms." in English.

I think "Yes". I think it is so important to respect someone we talk with. It means we regard each other. This is Japanese communication. But except for talking with friends.

  • Fireworks : PHOTO /// 1 ///

You can see fireworks in Japan every summer. There are fireworks displays everywhere in Japan.

I heard the sound of fireworks when I was working at my office this summer.
" Where? "
I looked at outside of the window.
" Wow! What a beautiful fireworks! "
I took some pictures of fireworks.

I wish I can see fireworks next year.

  • My first exhibition : PHOTO /// 1 ///

My first exhibition "Petit Markt + CORANDA". I had the small dutch fair in July 24th and 25th.

I showed a lot of photos I took on my trip to Holland in Japanese traditional house " kura ". I wanted people who visited the exhibition to feel something about dutch design and culture.

Many people came there. I was so glad. I want to have the dutch exhibition again. Please come to next exhibition.

    • field of craft Kurashiki : PHOTO /// 1 ///
    • field of craft Kurashiki : PHOTO /// 2 ///

I went to "field of craft Kurashiki" on May 14th. It is held under the sky every May. This is like a flea market. We can buy various goods handmade in Japan.

When I was looking at handmade scissors, a man told me to try them. He was the man who made them. He said these scissors were good for cutting herb. I found scissors for cutting herb I had wanted for a long time. So I bought a pair of handmade scissors. I like them very much.

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